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Today’s Music

Napster-logoToday’s music really affects some people. For others it doesn’t. For those who don’t they may not take it in as offensive. They just listen to the beat. They don’t listen to the lyrics.

Theres alot of different types of music. Some people base their life on music. And it really affects their lives. It can affect how many friends you have. It can also effect the relationship between your parents.

Music has’nt really effected me that much. There are all types of music. Some type of music gets people in alot of trouble. Like getting in to drugs. Some of the rap music is sending out a bad message.

The type of music you listen to can determine what kind of friends you have. Most of the people you see in Oakland have been influenced by music to be in a gang. Some types of music can start fights. Music can even effect the way you drive.

When some people are mad they tend to listen to heavy music. Music can effect how you do in school. How you talk. Even your personality.


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