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Well my favorite thing I’ve learned in web design is… nothing. Its stressful with two computer classes. I mean its cool that i have a little skill on how to make a web page. But it gets to stressful. So i really don’t have a favorite thing in web design.


HEIRARCHY – A body of elements arranged according to rank, authority or capacity. What pops out the most to me is the orange letters.  The reason it pops out alot is also cause of the font. And the size. In my opinion the logo is awesome.


Collaboration – To work together, especially in a joint intellectual effort. When i ride my dirt bike and all my friends and i are practicing on the track me collaborate. We have to watch out for each other. To not cause a wreck.


Balance – a state of equilibrium or equipoise; equal distribution of weight, amount, etc. I use balance every time i ride my dirt bikes. Every time i hit a ramp and I’m in the air i have to balance. With one of my dirt bikes you can easily find the center of gravity on it. And it will stand by itself  with no help for about five min.


CRITIQUE – a criticism or critical comment on some problem, subject, etc.
I am critique at riding dirt bikes. I am very skilled. I have a lot of self training on dirt bikes. I never gave up and now I’m better than my dad.


Confidence-A feeling of assurance or certainty, especially concerning oneself. I am confident about how I ride my dirt bikes. The way I got this confidence is my dad taught me how to ride. And every time I crashed, I never gave up. I got back up and kept riding.confidence


Aesthetic- having a sense of the beautiful; characterized by a love of beauty.

 Everyone has an aesthetic. zacastationMy aesthetic is a motocross track. Especially ones in the country.  The sound of the dirt bikes are awesome. And the way you soar through the air and make perfect landings.


web-site-design-tipsIm Daniel I go to Oak Grove. Im now in Web page design I. One more week and ill be in Web page design II. Over the past 8 weeks I have learned alot about computers, and web pages.

Ive learned how to make tables. To making pictures. Sometimes I really like this class. Sometimes I don’t. Im not planning to do any thing with this class in life.

Im also staying in this class for Web page design II.


Napster-logoToday’s music really affects some people. For others it doesn’t. For those who don’t they may not take it in as offensive. They just listen to the beat. They don’t listen to the lyrics.

Theres alot of different types of music. Some people base their life on music. And it really affects their lives. It can affect how many friends you have. It can also effect the relationship between your parents.

Music has’nt really effected me that much. There are all types of music. Some type of music gets people in alot of trouble. Like getting in to drugs. Some of the rap music is sending out a bad message.

The type of music you listen to can determine what kind of friends you have. Most of the people you see in Oakland have been influenced by music to be in a gang. Some types of music can start fights. Music can even effect the way you drive.

When some people are mad they tend to listen to heavy music. Music can effect how you do in school. How you talk. Even your personality.


danger-signsr4People really need to be cautious on the road when your driving. You can really injure someone when your driving. And you really don’t need to dive when your under the age. Take your time if your not comfortable with the road. Sitting in alot of traffic can be frustrating and make progress slow.

Avoid driving in lunch hour traffic if possible. Make sure you have a good night’s sleep before you leave and/or plan a regular rest and refreshment break during the drive. Do not feel pressured while driving. Don’t get mad if someone honks their your horn. Don’t let your child drive if he/she’s not legal.

 Don’t drive when your sleepy. Use your day time head lights, this makes it easier for other drivers to see your vehicle. Check your blind spots before you leave to your destination. Take your time if you feel pressured by other people.

Always wear your seatbelt. Watch out for pedestrians on the roads or by the roads. Always remember to STOP at stop signs! Don’t park in handicap parking, unless your handicap. Watch out for workers on the roads. sometimes they’re filling holes in the roads.

Follow the speed limit as posted. Always have your licence, or permit if you are under the age. Never disobey the law. Never tell a cop off. If you don’t follow the law you will be either given a ticket or put in jail.